What Is Redenomination?

REDENOM is a Web 3.0 fundraising DAO platform that creates value in the process of redenomination.

The revolutionary Blockchain DAO – a crowd-investing paradigm based on the principle of redenomination and the zero-sum game theory. Global airdrop approach will allow each user to become an investor оr project creator, without being required to invest.

The redenomination process consists in burning the last decimal order of the value of NOM tokens at set intervals and redistributing the accumulated sum between users. This redenomination process will increase the values of NOM tokens and will stimulate the users to get involved in order to become wealthier.

The key function of the REDENOM project is creating value in the process of its circulation and redistribution. The created value increases the value of the DAO FUND, from which crypto-projects are funded. Each user has opportunity to submit a project and receive funding.